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What we do
We are an award winning, specialist finance agency located in Perth, Western Australia.
We provide industry leading corporate finance solutions.

Our mission is to provide a holistic offering for all finance needs. We offer finance solutions ranging from commercial finance, transactional & retail banking through to employer/employee banking propositions.


We have the drive and motivation of a young team coupled with the experience and relationships of industry professionals.

Strategic Partnerships

We are looking to partner with innovative, like-minded people, in the quest to achieve their financial objectives.

Award Winning

We strive to offer the perfect financial solutions, for each of our customers. It’s why we’re recognised as industry leaders.

…primarily utilises the combined strength and complimentary skills of (CEO) Warren Dworcan and (CFO) Irwin Tollman, to offer dynamic and tailored financial solutions. This reputable and proven duo brings with them a wealth of experience, innovation and relationships that will be able to assist with any financial objectives, ranging from corporate financing to individual financial health checks.

Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.

- Anne M. Mulcahy (previous CEO of Xerox) -

The ability to form great relationships will take you a long way fast… it is crucial to have the right people if they are to drive you in the right direction.

- Warren Dworcan (CEO of Finance Detective) -


Corporate Finance Detective is a collaboration between Warren Dworcan (Australia Broker of the Year, 2 years running) and Irwin Tollman (ex-CFO of multi billion dollar ASX listed company, Monadelphous Group Ltd – ASX code MND). It is the mission of Corporate Finance Detective to provide companies and individuals with a holistic offering relating to all aspects encompassing the finance arena.

The relationships and experience which Mr Tollman has developed over his tenure with the Monadelphous Group, a first board listed ASX company, adds a unique dimension to Corporate Finance Detectives value proposition. Within the finance space, Warren has illustrated his expertise and innovation, having been awarded countless accolades and awards during the few years in which he has been operating.

The strength and complimentary skills which Warren and Irwin bring together, results in an unrivalled ongoing service proposition coupled with dynamic and tailored financial products. These products range from commercial finance facilities, transactional banking through to specific employer/employee banking propositions.

It is our goal to partner with innovative, like minded people in the quest to achieve their finance objectives and more.

As part of our dedication to your employees’ financial well-being, we aim to provide holistic financial services. Through our H.E.L.P. facility, we are able to deliver the following, either directly or through our specialist partners.
  • Home Loans

    Whether you are a home buyer or property investor, choosing the right mortgage can be a life changing decision. It's important you get a loan that suits your needs, talk to us for the best options.

  • Commercial Loans

    We are a highly experienced commercial brokerage with a large network of lenders at your disposal. We are able to assist with professional investors, developers or experienced occupiers.

  • Refinancing

    The Finance Detective team are specialists in refinancing. By understanding the growing market and new home loan products we make sure that you’re getting the right loan as well as the best rate.

  • Insurance

    We understand the importance of family - you want to ensure your loved ones are properly protected. We source the best insurance policies for life, income, trauma and disability... at the lowest cost.

  • Financial Planning

    Financial decisions can be stressful and many avoid making them as they don't want to make mistakes. However, make the right choices and you can set yourself up for retirement and achieve financial freedom.

  • Find Lost Super & Consolidate

    Billions of dollars of lost super are sitting unclaimed. Do you want to know if part of this gigantic pool of cash belongs to you? We can help you find and consolidate all your super accounts.

  • Property Reports

    Are you interested in a property, want more detailed information about the property and surrounding area? We can acquire a detailed property report for you, FOR FREE, all you need to do is ask.

We have a diverse range of personnel working hard
to bring you a wide array of skills, thoughts, and ideas.

Warren Dworcan


Warren’s ability to forge strong relationships, his insatiable drive and his innovative thinking have thrust him to the top of the finance industry. Corporate Finance Detective, with Warren leading the charge, promises to deliver creative solutions to clients.

Irwin Tollman


Irwin’s business and financial acumen, coupled with the enviable corporate relationships that he has developed locally and internationally over the course of his career, adds a unique dimension to Corporate Finance Detective’s value proposition.

Jill Lee


Jill’s meticulous approach to delivering financial solutions has earned her the respect of clients in both domestic and corporate markets. She plays an integral role in ensuring that our team of finance specialists constantly deliver market-leading customised solutions and service.

Asher Walters


Asher’s diverse information and communication technology experience across both public and private sectors allows him to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to support the delivery of Corporate Finance Detective’s customer service experience.

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